'The Residency' film screening at Everyman Cinema, Baker Street, London

Produced by Fact Not Fiction Films; Suzi Morris, co-founder of The Residency with leading brush manufacturer Da Vinci, introduces four other artists who were selected to take part in a ten day residency, which culminated in a public exhibition at the Atelier-und Galeriehaus Defet in the city of Nuremberg. The documentary, to be released shortly, follows the highs and lows of the artists as they journey through the many creative processes and challenges of being artists in residence. 

Artist and writer Yvonne Ayoub reviews the film here

Suzi Morris in conversation with Damaris Athene

In a step towards challenging the gender imbalance of the art world, artist and writer, Damaris Athene interviews Suzi Morris in her studio. In this conversation Morris discloses why her paintings insist on the contrast of sharpness of line set against blur, and how through delving more deeply into her painting, she discovered how the phenomenological experience of living with keratitis ignited an investigation into her practice into what cannot be seen with the naked human eye and what requires imaginary processes to make the invisible visible.

Morris reveals how a combination of history, theoretical concerns, collaborations with scientists and doctors, together with an exploration of the properties of oil paint has had a profound affect on her imagination. On reflection, these experiences seem to have fused together in forming decisions in her painting. Responding to the science of our time, art writer Cherry Smyth describes Morris’ paintings as taking us into ‘a far more than her’, an immensely rich seam of knowledge at a new turning-point in medical science which is rarely represented in visual art.

Read the full interview here